2300 Center Road | Ashtabula, Ohio 44004


My wife was here and you guys took great care of her. This was the only place I wanted to come for rehab.


I’m the same as I was before I got sick and I am motivated to go even further now. I would come back here again if I needed rehab!


The experience at Saybrook Landing was very pleasant. The staff was excellent caring knowledgeable, always ready to answer any of our questions my mom substantially improved during her stay...Brandy, Judy, Theresa really made us feel at home, at the some time calming us down- my mother was very weak and Saybrook Landing knew just what to do!! Positive Stay!


The staff always say they would be sad if I had to leave. We laugh and joke. I feel good here.


My time here has been very healing, emotionally supportive. The staff has gone above and beyond with me. I will recommend Saybrook Landing to everyone! As a Director of Nursing in my past I know this is a good place!


I would recommend Saybrook - we did a great job of figuring out exactly what I needed. I've gone through rehab before and it doesn't compare to here. The programs here really met my needs. I can't hardly wait to come back for my outpatient speech therapy with Rose!


"Given my experience as a nurse, I know caring for individuals in this setting is difficult on a good day. The care and communication were excellent and prompt. I felt supported by staff who knew I missed my husband. You could see on the video calls he was getting good care."


The staff was very professional. All of my expectations were exceeded! I've reached all my goals to go home independently.


I could barely get out of my chair when I came here! I received excellent care and therapy. Debbie pushed me just enough to meet all my goals and get home as quickly as possible. If I ever need rehab again, I'll definitely come back!

Sandra K.

Therapy was great here. They knew what I needed to do to be able to go home and got me there quickly.


I really like the positivity of all the staff, from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave. Everyone had such an uplifting attitude, just want you need to heal. The orderliness and cleanliness of Saybrook exceeded our expectations.


I have lived at Saybrook Landing since April 2023 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff introduced me to other residents right away, and that made me feel so comfortable. We get to decorate our rooms how we want to make it feel like home. I tell everyone what a wonderful facility this is, and all of the staff are so friendly every day. I’m so happy to be here.

Florence I.

When I first came to Saybrook Landing I did not think I was going to adjust. After being here for a while, it became easier. I missed my family less and I felt more like I fit in here. The staff and residents here have become my family.

Bonnie S.

The floor staff in the facility are very caring and hardworking. They are doing the best job here. I would recommend Saybrook Landing to anyone looking for a nursing facility.

Marlene T.

I would highly recommend Saybrook! It's very nice and clean. All staff has been accommodating to me. I've been very comfortable here and everyone was so helpful. The food was good, there were lots of options to choose from. I'm much stronger now than when I first got here. I really can't think of any areas of improvement- everything was great! This would be my first choice to return for rehab.

Dianne E.

I've been here twice and I'm a big advocate of Saybrook. There's a lot of love and compassion here. Help is always available. It's like the family you always wanted. The care I've received is over the top good. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, goes out of their way for you. Therapy taught me a lot of things that will literally save my life. If I ever had to live somewhere permanently, this would be the only place I'd go.

Virginia T.

It was pretty good here. People are very nice. I was well taken care of and I'm stronger now than I was before I got sick. I would recommend Saybrook to anyone looking for rehab.

James F.

I like everything about this place. Everyone does a great job. If I needed something, they came right away. I would absolutely recommend Saybrook to anyone needing rehab.

Joseph D.

My three-week stay at Saybrook Landing was very comfortable. All the staff were very caring to my needs around the clock. The cleaning staff does a great job as well as the aides that help the nurses. The nurses are on top of the situation and care very much about you. If I need another rehab stay, Saybrook Landing will be my choice!

Joseph D.

Everything was great here. 10/10 would recommend! Service was good, food was excellent. Therapy was really tailored to my needs. I hope I don't go to the hospital again, but if I did, this is the only place I'd come back to! 

Hannelore T.

Everyone was nice and the facility was very clean. I did great in therapy and I'm much stronger now than I was when I got here. I would recommend to anyone looking for nursing care and rehab.

Phyllis A.

The facility is clean. Someone always came if I rang for them. Therapy was good, I do feel more steady on my feet. I would recommend to others.

Martica P.

I arrived 1-6-23 after a total hip replacement. The rehab department worked with me and helped me function safer and easier than if left to my own devices. I can go home with confidence, knowing I can climb the 6 stairs into my home and take care of myself. Staff was always courteous, friendly, and professional. I would recommend Saybrook Landing for rehabilitation to anyone. Eleven days and I got to go home!

Susan T.

People are very nice here. The care I received was above average. Therapy certainly pushed me to get where I am now. I would recommend Saybrook Landing to anyone needing this type of care. Am I stronger now than when I got here? You better believe it!

Fr. John M.

It was good here. I was very comfortable. I have no complaints. You all spoiled me with love! I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Jean P.

It was very, very good here. They treated me like a king! The food was so good that I actually gained weight here. Therapy is top of the line. There's not a weak link in the bunch. I would recommend Saybrook Landing without reservation. I would absolutely come back- save me a spot!

David S.

I was messed up. I couldn't use my left leg at all and I had pretty bad wounds. I was completely debilitated. The therapists were wonderful. They worked so hard with me. I used to need a lift to get in and out of bed, and now I walk with a walker wherever I need to go. I love it here! I haven't met one unfriendly person during my entire stay here. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone.

Dave K.

Everybody treated me very well, from the nurses to the aides, to therapy and Social Services. I loved the Activities. The food was great. I even gained weight eating the great food that was provided.

Shirley H.

I would definitely choose Saybrook Landing again if the need came about once more. The rehab really helped my physical condition and the staff were all helpful and friendly from all the departments. I was here several years ago and my husband was also a patient twice and I feel we both got wonderful care. 

Betty W.

I can't tell you enough how wonderful Saybrook Landing is. The people go above and beyond for the residents. When I got here, I wasn't even able to stand on my own or get in and out of bed. Now I am up and moving around all on my own. I recommend Saybrook Landing for anyone needing Skilled Rehabilitation. I am thankful for everything this place has done for me. 


The staff did a fantastic job. I would recommend Saybrook Landing to everybody. I give them an A +!


All the staff were professional and nice. I've been here for two months and have never had a problem with anyone. I really enjoyed the food and the therapy team was great as well! I feel that I have improved by at least 70% since I arrived here. Thank you Saybrook Landing! I will definitely be back to visit.

David L.

I was only here temporarily for Rehab. I loved the Private Room! It was a pleasant experience. The nurses and STNAs were very kind. One outstanding Nurse and STNA were really exceptional! (You know who you are) The therapy really helped and although they may work you hard, they know what they are doing and it is for your own good! There are plenty of activities and they were exceptional. Transportation is provided, and drivers are very good drivers.

Elizabeth W.